We are committed to supporting you in realizing the full potential of our products. It is our pleasure to offer high-quality educational seminars that provide the comprehensive knowledge necessary to fully utilise your Heidelberg Engineering device in your clinical practice

In-house Courses

The Heidelberg Engineering Academy is pleased to update you on the exciting advantages, features and benefits of the Heidelberg Engineering product line. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our events and value this opportunity to share the full capabilities of your Heidelberg Engineering devices.

Operator Courses

Academy Kurs OCT Hands-On Operator Course

Software Operation and Image Acquisition

The SPECTRALIS Hands-On Operator Course is suitable for anybody who wants to learn more about HEYEX software operation, gain hands on experience using the SPECTRALIS OCT and learn more about the capability of their SPECTRALIS OCT.

Retina Image Interpretation Courses

Non-Invasive Vascular Imaging Course Non-Invasive Vascular Imaging Course

Software Operation and Interpretation

The Non-Invasive Vascular Imaging Course covers how MultiColor and OCT Angiography imaging can be used to aid diagnosis and is suitable for anybody who wishes to learn more about the image acquisition and interpretation of these modalities.

OCT in Acute Services Operation and Interpretation Course Retina Imaging Interpretation Course

Software Operation and Interpretation

The Retinal Imaging Interpretation Course is a comprehensive course covering image acquisition, evaluation of image quality, and clinical evaluation of SPECTRALIS retinal images using the HEYEX software.

Glaucoma Interpretation Courses

Multimodal Imaging in the Evaluation of Glaucoma Course Glaucoma Imaging Interpretation Course

Software Operation and Interpretation

The Glaucoma Imaging Interpretation Course is a comprehensive course covering image acquisition, evaluation of image quality, operation of the HEYEX software and clinical interpretation of SPECTRALIS glaucoma imaging modalities.

Glaucoma in a Day Course

Image Interpretation

This is a crash course on Glaucoma in a single day run by Dr Akash Raj. It is an exciting opportunity for delegates to hear a panel of national experts on glaucoma.

Nationwide courses and roadshows


Software Operation and Interpretation

Build and enhance your relationship with ophthalmologists and improve patient care in your practice by learning how to use the "Eyeway Code" to confidently identify and describe pathology in OCT scans.

Heidelberg Engineering Academy Grand Rounds Heidelberg Engineering Academy Grand Rounds

Image acquisition and Interpretation

The Heidelberg Engineering Academy will be hitting the road to deliver a series of free CET and CPD accredited educational events at hospital sites nationwide.

Heidelberg Engineering Masterclass Heidelberg Engineering Masterclass

OCT Angiography Image Interpretation

This year's Masterclass will feature an update on the state-of-play of OCT angiography imaging including a realistic appraisal of the latest innovations in the technology, such as OCT angiography analytics.

Bespoke Training Solutions

Bespoke In-house Courses

Bespoke in-house courses take place at our training centre in Hemel Hempstead on a date and to timings that suit you. We will work with you to write a programme tailored to the specific learning requirements of your team. Bespoke in-house courses can focus on image acquisition, image interpretation, or both.

On-site Training

You may wish to organise training in the comfort of your own clinic or practice. This is a popular option when image acquisition training using real patients is required, such as during fluorescein or ICG angiography examinations. If you select this option, a dedicated and experienced member of the Heidelberg Engineering Academy will visit you in-clinic to carry out the training, which could be anything in duration from one day to several days depending on your requirements.

Pricing for bespoke training solutions are calculated on an individual basis and depend on your requirements. Please call us on 01442 502 330 or fill out our enquiry form to receive a programme of learning and quotation tailored to you.

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