Recorded Webinars

Watch recordings of past live webinars at your convenience.

AMD: The State of Detection and Treatment Options

Ordering and Interpreting Retinal OCT Images

Identifying CNV with OCT Angiography Imaging

2nd SPECTRALIS OCT LIVE Virtual Workshop - OCT Angiography Module

An OCT Approach to Understanding & Diagnosing Glaucomatous Damage

Setting up a High-Volume Medical Retina Virtual Clinic

How MultiColor Imaging Facilitates In-Clinic Diagnostics

ANTERION – Initial clinical experience in a busy cataract clinic

Impact of Widefield and OCT Imaging in the Care of the Ocular Oncology Patient

Imaging Uveitis: The Bigger Picture on Inflammation

ANTERION OCT LIVE Virtual Workshop

SPECTRALIS OCT LIVE Virtual Workshop - Glaucoma

Ocular Imaging with SD-OCT for Raised Optic Disc Evaluation
Xtreme Research Webinar 2021

Simplifying Data Management and Clinical Benefits: HEYEX 2

Glaucoma Imaging: Lessons from Real-World Cases

An Objective Method of Diagnosing Hydroxychloroquine Maculopathy

Virtual Grand Rounds with Dr. Saeedi: Optimize Your Multimodal Imaging Approach

OCT LIVE Virtual Workshop - Anterior Segment Imaging

The Role of OCT Angiography Part 2 - Retinal Vascular Disease

Dry Eye Disease: small mites, big impact - on the trail of Demodex mites

SPECTRALIS OCT LIVE Virtual Workshop - OCT Angiography Module

Demystifying the Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE)

Anterior Segment OCT: Hang-Ups and Next Evolutions

The Role of OCT Angiography in nAMD

Update Glaucoma Diagnostics

Basic Science – A closer look on retinal structures

Five Important Considerations for Coding in Diagnostic Testing in Optometry

Virtual OCT LIVE Workshop: Retina

Clinical Application of Multimodal Imaging

COFFHE with Ethan Priel

COFFHE with Frank Holz

ONLINE CONSULTATION-HOUR with Prof. Dr. Nicolas Feltgen

COVID-19 SIX insights from SIX continents

Clinical Confidence with Anterior Segment OCT Imaging

OCT in the Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma

ANTERION Online Course | Update Anterior Segment Imaging

ON AIR with CAPT Tyson J. Brunstetter and Dr. William J. Tarver

Managing Glaucoma Patients with Confidence

The Confocal Imaging Difference

Harnessing the Power of cSLO with SPECTRALIS

The Growing Role of Imaging in Optic Neuropathies

The Glaucoma & Optic Neuropathies Trilogy

Imaging in Ophthalmic Research 2020

Deep Learning of Ocular Changes in Space: Lessons from the International Space Station and Ground Based Studies

OCT in Primary Care: What, When, How?

The OCT Toolkit for Glaucoma Assessment

Glaucoma in 2020

Learning the Eyeway Code CET available

COVID-19 Clinical Experience and Impact in Ophthalmology

Macular Pigment Assessment with SPECTRALIS

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