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    Windows based

    Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

    Interactive Video Tutorial

    Learn about the new features of the software module quickly and easily using the E-learning Tutorial!

    Learning content:

    • Acquisition: Initializing APS, redefining APS*, acquiring APS-based OCT images (ONH-RC, PPoleH, PPoleV scan)
    • Analysis: Analyzing images, possibilities for displaying images (ONH-RC scan, BMO end points, segmentation)

    * Chapter is only available in the German and English version.

    Interesting for... all of those who acquire images with the SPECTRALIS OCT (part I: acquisition) as well as for all of those who analyze images (part II: analysis).

    Required prerequisites: Basic knowledge on how to acquire images with the SPECTRALIS OCT (part I: acquisition) and basic knowledge on how to work with the SPECTRALIS Viewing Module (part II: analysis).

    Duration: approx. 20 minutes (part I: acquisition), approx. 20 minutes (part II: analysis)

    Preview: IVT GMPE


    Please note that the Interactive Video Tutorial only works on Windows desktop PCs.
    The Interactive Video Tutorial is available in the following languages (please click on the flag to download):

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