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    SPECTRALIS Basics – Software Operation and Image Acquisition

    Interactive Video Tutorial

    Clear and concise: All the basics in one tutorial

    IVT SPECTRALIS Basics - Software operation and image acquisition

    Learning content

    1. HEYEX

      • User interface
      • Creating a new patient file
      • Exporting patient data
      • Importing patient data
      • Change patient
      • Archiving data

    2. Acquisition module

      • User interface

    3. The perfect OCT scan setting

      • Preparing the device
      • Preparing the patient
      • Scan patterns
        • Retina application
          • Line scan
          • Volume scan
          • Radial scan
        • Glaucoma application
          • Circle scan
          • PPole scan
        • Glaucoma Module Premium Edition
          • ONH-RC scan
          • PPoleH scan
          • PPoleV scan
      • Follow-up

    4. Quiz

    Intended for: Anyone working with HEYEX.

    Pre-requisites: No specific prior knowledge needed.

    Duration: about 65 minutes (in total)
    (Chapter 1 "HEYEX": 25 minutes; chapter 2 "Acquisition module": 5 minutes; chapter 3 "The perfect OCT scan setting": 30 minutes; Quiz: 5 minutes)


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