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Virtual Imaging Symposium (VIS)

ISS 2019 in Seoul, South Korea

The 18th International SPECTRALIS® Symposium (ISS) will take place on Oct 30-31, 2020 within the scope of the International Imaging Symposium to celebrate Heidelberg Engineering's 30th anniversary - due to the current situation the symposium will be held for the first time virtual.

This time the knowlege transfer will embrace besides Retina diagnostic Anterior Segment, Glaucoma and Healthcare-IT.

The ambitious scientific programme for all ophthalmologists provides lectures and interactive articles on the present and future of diagnostics from all areas of ophthalmology. Experience lectures at the highest level with Live-Moderation from the original location the Print Media Academy Auditorium in Heidelberg.

Intended Audience Clinicians and photographers
Date/Location Oct 30-31, 2020, Virtual/Live-Moderation from Print Media Academy Auditorium, Heidelberg, Germany
Preliminary Schedule of the Scientific Program Oct 30, 2020:   8:45 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Oct 31, 2020:   8:45 a.m.-5:10 p.m.
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Confirmed Speakers Ach, Thomas (Germany)
Burgoyne, Claude (USA)
Burk, Reinhard (Germany)
Cabral, Diogo (Portugal)
Chauhan, Balwantray (Canada)
Dolz-Marco, Rosa (Spain)
Dysli, Chantal (Switzerland)
Fazio, Massimo (USA)
Findl, Oliver (Austria)
Freund, K. Bailey (USA)
Gallego-Pinazo, Roberto (Spain)
Gatinel, Damien (France)
Gazzard, Gus (UK)
Ghanchi, Faruque (UK)
Hamrah, Pedram (USA)
Hoffmann, Esther (Germany)
Hoffmann, Peter (Germany)
Holz, Frank G. (Germany)
Hood, Don (USA)
Hosari, Sami (Germany)
Huang, Alex (USA)
Khamar, Pooja (India)
Khawaja, Anthony (UK)
Koh, Adrian (Singapore)
Lee, Aaron (USA)
Mardin, Christian (Germany)
Miller, Joan W. (USA)
Miller, John B. (USA)
Müntz, Alex (New Zealand)
Nair, Unni (India)
Pauleikhoff, Daniel (Germany)
Pazos, Marta (Spain)
Pearce, Ian (UK)
Peto, Tunde (UK)
Ruiz Mesa, Ramón (Spain)
Sadda, SriniVas R. (USA)
Shetty, Rohit (India)
Souied, Eric (France)
Staurenghi, Giovanni (Italy)
Tufail, Adnan (UK)
Wolf, Sebastian (Switzerland)
Xu, Benjamin (USA)
Yu, Seung-Young (South Korea)
Zweifel, Sandrine (Switzerland)
Registration Fee Participation is free of charge

Live Workshops

Besides the high-level scientific lectures we offered online interactive Live Workshops, that allowed attendees to interact directly with our clinical trainers. Additionally attendees could request an personal online demonstration and get in touch with our Academy Team or Sales Consultant via our Virtual Booth.

» View Videos of the Workshops (coming soon)


Recorded lectures of past scientific programs provide more insight into the Symposium:

International SPECTRALIS Symposium 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016

Upcoming sessions

No upcoming sessions