Internationales SPECTRALIS Symposium 2015

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Freitag, 16.10.2015

Innovation –
Moderatoren: R. Gallego-Pinazo, J. Donate
Welcome Note R. Gallego-Pinazo,
J. Donate
MultiColor Imaging Revisited Roberto Gallego-Pinazo
Update on Autofluorescence Imaging Frank G. Holz
New Widefield OCT in Peripheral Diseases Mariano Cozzi
SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Module Premium Edition Marina Sastre
Transverse Section Analysis Giovanni Staurenghi
AMD and More –
Moderatoren: G. Staurenghi, J. Monés
Geographic Atrophy in Patients Receiving Anti-VEGF Therapy for Neovascular AMD K. Bailey Freund
“Nascent” Geographic Atrophy Jordi Monés
Are you afraid of „Ghost Drusen“? Eric Souied –
Guest Lecture
Probing Dry AMD – What is the best approach? Frank G. Holz
Beyond Exudative Manifestations in Neovascular AMD Rosa Dolz-Marco
Idiopathic Macular Telangiectasia Type 2 Associated with Acquired Vitelliform Lesion Sara Vaz-Pereira
„The Frank Holz Retina Battle“ – Interactive Cases and Quiz-Show Frank G. Holz
Multimodal Imaging –
Moderatoren: J. M. Ruiz-Moreno, A. Ferreras
Autofluorescence Patterns in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Vicente Chaqués
Ocular Tumors Marco Pellegrini
Ocular Inflammation Alessandro Invernizzi
The Pachychoroid Spectrum K. Bailey Freund
Chorioidal Neovascularization: OCT Angiography versus Multimodal Imaging Eric Souied
Special Guest Lecture –
Moderatoren: Gerhard Zinser
SPECTRALIS SD-OCT at the International Space Station R. Gibson

Samstag, 17.10.2015

Glaucoma 1 –
Moderatoren: N. Pfeiffer, B. Chauhan
Optic Disc Haemorrhage and Laminar Defects: Fact or Fiction? Balwantray Chauhan
Appearance of Optic Nerve Head in OCT: In Vivo Meets Ex Vivo Histology Christian Mardin
BMO-MRW in Patients with Glaucomatous and Simple Optic Atrophy Laura Schrems
Performance of MRW/RNFL vs East London Glaucoma Prediction Score in a Multi-Ethnic South African Population Stephen Cook
Optic Nerve Head Interactive Quiz Balwantray Chauhan
Glaucoma 2 –
Moderatoren: C. Mardin, J. G. Feijoo
The Mainz Gutenberg Health Study: What do we learn about ophthalmic health? Norbert Pfeiffer
Optic Nerve Head Hemorrhages and Vitreous Traction Karel Van Keer
RNFL Assessment in Myopic Patients Marina Sastre
Evaluation of GCL Thickness and Volume Using Macular Fast and Posterior Pole SPECTRALIS SD-OCT Scan Protocols Rodrigo Abreu-González
Clinical Applications of OCT Angiography (Case Studies) –
Moderatoren: K. Bailey Freund, Frank G. Holz
OCT Angiography in Macular Diseases Frank G. Holz
OCT Angiography of a CNV in Adult Onset Foveomacular Vitelliform Dystrophy: Pearls and Pitfalls Marco Lupidi
OCT Angiography of PCV and Polypoidal CNV K. Bailey Freund
OCT Angiography versus Traditional Multimodal Imaging in Assessing the Activity of Exudative AMD Gabriel Coscas
Macular Atrophy Differential Diagnosis. The Role of ICGA and Angio OCT Giovanni Staurenghi
OCT Angiography Pearls – A First Experience Roberto Gallego-Pinazo
„The Christian Mardin Glaucoma Battle“ – Interactive Cases and Quiz-Show Christian Mardin
Clinical Retina –
Moderatoren: R. Gallego-Pinazo, J. Donate
Assessment of Diseases of the Vitreomacular Interface with SD-OCT Antonio Ferreras
Anatomic and Functional Outcomes of Symptomatic Vitreo-Macular Traction Syndrome Lihteh Wu
Early Changes in the OCT in Diabetic Patients without Diabetic Retinopathy José M. Ruiz-Moreno
Diabetic Choroidopathy Jorge Ruiz Medrano
Staphyloma Induced Serous Maculopathy Suzanne Yzer
Lacquer Cracks and Perforating Scleral Vessels in Pathologic Myopia Giuseppe Querques
Retinal Imaging for Detection of Risk Factors for Developing Myopic Choroidal Neovascularization Moritz Schröder

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