Internationales SPECTRALIS Symposium 2016

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Freitag, 25.11.2016

Innovation –
Moderatoren: Oliver Findl, Roberto Gallego-Pinazo
OCT Anterior Segment Imaging Oliver Findl
Intrinsic Fluorescence - Blue vs. Green and Quantitative Measures Frank G. Holz
Revolutionizing Visual Function Assessment in Glaucoma Felipe Medeiros
Positional Testing, Advanced Ophthalmic Imaging and Visual Mysteries Alex Huang
Ocular Oncology Imaging Giovanni Staurenghi
DME and More –
Moderatoren: Michael Stur, Giovanni Staurenghi
Multimodal OCT Imaging of Diabetic Retinal Disease Roberto Gallego-Pinazo
Predictive OCT Biomarkers in the Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema Using Aflibercept, Ranibizumab and Bevacizumab Bianca Gerendas
Diabetic Macular Edema: from Morphology to Therapy Matthias Bolz
The Evaluation of Retinal Damage in Severe Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Tatyana Okhotzimskaya
Describing Near-Infrared Autofluorescence Patterns in Diabetic Macular Edema Amira Hasan
FAF Imaging: Atypical Peripheral Fundus Lesions in Patients with Best Vitelliform Dystrophy Martina Jarc Vidmar
Patient with Rapidly Vanishing Outer Retinal Layers Polona Jaki Mekjavic
Clinical Retina 1 –
Moderatoren: Matthias Bolz, Frank G. Holz
OCT in the Differential Diagnosis of Vitreoretinal Pathologies Stefan Sacu
OCT Findings in Eyes with Pathologic Myopia Michael Stur
Vitrectomy for Epiretinal Membrane Secondary to Leber Miliary Aneurysm Jorge Andres Orellana Rios
Assessment of Long-Term Retinal Changes in OCT after Macular Membran Peeling Pia Veronika Vécsei-Marlovits
Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Injuries after Macular Peeling Vitrectomies András Seres
The Frank Holz Retina Battle - Interactive Cases and Quiz-Show Frank G. Holz

Samstag, 26.11.2016

OCT Angiography –
Moderatoren: Erdem Ergun, Pia Veronika Vécsei-Marlovits
How to Read an Angio OCT Giovanni Staurenghi
The Use of OCTA in Assessing Patients for Choroidal Neovascularization Taha Soomro
OCTA Insights in Normal and Abnormal Vasculature Frank G. Holz
Label-Free Morpho-Functional Assessment of CNV: the Role of Cross-Sectional OCTA Marco Lupidi
Diabetic Maculopathy - Qualitative and Quantitative Approach Gabriel Coscas
Clinical Retina 2 –
Moderatoren: Stefan Sacu, Norbert Pfeiffer
Macular Pigment in Macular Diseases Giovanni Staurenghi
Too Much Information – Why Sticking to the Basics Can Still Get You Very Far Erdem Ergun
Dissecting Dry AMD - Towards Precision Medicine Frank G. Holz
Long-Term Follow-Up of Anti-VEGF Treatment for Eyes with Neovascular AMD and Vision Better than 20/40 Michael Stur
Perception of Haidinger Brushes in Macular Disease Philipp Müller
Glaucoma 1 –
Moderatoren: Anton Hommer, Alex Huang
Aging and Glaucoma Progression Balwantray Chauhan
Optimizing Detection of Glaucoma Progression Felipe Medeiros
Structure vs. Function – Impact on Glaucoma Therapy Clemens Strohmaier
Relating Structural and Functional Damage Using the SPECTRALIS OCT Glaucoma Module Donald C. Hood
Glaucoma 2 –
Moderatoren: Balwantray Chauhan, Felipe Medeiros
Influence of Bruch’s Membrane Opening Area’s Size on the Diagnostic Value of BMO-MRW (RNFLT) in Glaucoma Patients and Suspects Christian Mardin
Anterior Segment Glaucoma Structure - Function Alex Huang
Flicker Defined Form Perimetry in Clinical Practice Anton Hommer
OCT in the Epidemiological Gutenberg Health Study Norbert Pfeiffer
„The Christian Mardin Glaucoma Battle“ – Interactive Cases and Quiz-Show Christian Mardin

Impressionen des Internationalen SPECTRALIS Symposiums 2016 in Wien, Österreich

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